Our Services

We offer varieties of services tailored to your immediate need with effective solution to problems in any part of the world.

Our Approach to business is unique and specially monitored back to back from scratch to finish


Medical & Wellness Tourism

We offer world class Medical Tourism Package to any Hospital or Clinic in Dubai. In Dubai, we will be able to offer access to a treatment that wouldn’t be possible for you at home. We will be very glad to help you process your entire medical tourism to Dubai


Learning & Educational

You can apply for any of our various training courses from any country in the world in Dubai, we have wide range of on-site and off-site courses, tailored for any kind of Industry, Economic, Manufacturing or Business development.

International Real Estate

Are you looking to Buy, Lease, Rent or Develop a Property in Dubai, Nigeria, UK, Canada or USA, we are at your service, we have lots of Properties and best of Property development experts, who will provide you your best choice and at your budget


Afrabasia Business Representation

Afrabasia Diaspora is an organization established to drive the development imperatives of member countries of the African continent with special reference with their relationship with countries and regions of the AFRABASIA UMBRELLA comprising: Africa. Arab .Asia 
Afrabasia Diaspora believes in the active involvement of Diaspora citizens in the political affair of their parent countries, …

International Manufacturers Representation

We have lots of partnership deal with mega Multinational Manufacturing Compnaies in Asia, Dubai, USA, UK and major parts of the world. Do you have a fast growing industry and looking for a diverse market and establishsment in a Particlular Country in Afria, we can become your representative to make your dream come true

Immigration & 2nd Citizenship by Investment

Would you like to migrate to Dubai for business branches or setup, Family Relocation, employment opportunities, Student permanent resident and employment. We can assist for a permanent resident permit and also make you a second citizenship of Dubai. We work with the top decision makers in the United Arab emirate immigration agency and we can help you do all the paper work from start to finish 

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