Who we are

Maple Eagle Consulting is part of Maple Eagle group. We are recognized in areas of manpower development, business consulting, corporate services and mercantile facilitation.

We bring global knowledge, years of experience, and
multi-disciplinary capabilities to serve our private and public sector clients. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing and improving operational

We utilize the most appropriate people, technology,
equipment, tools and services to meet these objectives.

Our people are distinguished by their functional and
technical expertise combined with their hands-on
experience. This guarantees that our clients receive the most effective and professional service.


To be a bespoke solutions company focused on driving positive transformations and success for our customers and stakeholders.  


Our mission is to build the capabilities that enable organizations across the
globe to achieve sustainable advantage and make substantial improvements
in their performance.




We consult with you to understand your unique business
perspectives, needs and requirements
• Mutually develop alternatives
• Deliver bespoke solutions
• Ensure experiential client engagement at all times
• Conduct assessment and provide feedback
• Measure and deliver concrete Return on Investment


Diversified Services
• Global Presence Local Expertise
• Single Point of Contact for all Corporate Services
• Market Expertise & Connections
• Customer Centricity and Service Efficiency



Visit Maple Group Office in Dubai, United Arab Emirate.


Visit Maple Group Office in United States and Canada


Visit Maple Group Office in Africa countries. e.g (Nigeria)

Companies and Locations

UAE – Dubai

  • Maple Eagle Consulting DMCC


  • Maple Eagle Corporation
  • Munachi Corporation
  • Global Diversity Initiative Inc


  • Maple Eagle Consulting & Services Inc


  • Maple Eagle Global Consulting Limited
  • Maple Eagle Energy Limited
  • Fudtek Fair International Limited
  • Africa Due East Limited
  • Maple Eagle Media Limited
  • Maple Estate Limited

Company Structure


Corporate Head Office                   Canada           


Operational Hub                               Dubai  


Regional Business Hubs                    

Africa                     Nigeria [Abuja & Lagos]

 MENA                    Dubai


Obinna Ikocha

“Over the past 25 years, the Government and people of
Dubai, and indeed the UAE have performed modern day
miracles. They have transformed a desert environment into
an Oasis of modernity, development and success.

Their superstructures and infrastructures have provided constant
sources of international acclaim. They have the busiest airports,
the largest man made sea ports, the tallest building, and the only
7-star hotel in the world. The list is practically endless.
In spite of all these, what fascinates me most about Dubai,
and UAE is that these physical developments are equally
accompanied by commendable effort to create effective
administrative, bureaucratic structures.

It is evident that the government has recognized that a Culture
of Exceptional Customer Service is the future of the city, and
indeed any other organization that plans to replicate the
success of Dubai. The Dubai Department of Economic
Development has developed a robust corporate service
excellence assessment and awards system. 

The Executive Council of the Government of Dubai
have launched a comprehensive model for government
services and the Ministry of Happiness is designating all
customer service centers as Happiness centers.


Positive customer experience will bring clients and customers coming back again and again. This is where the Maple Eagle Group adds value. We deploy our substantial Global resources to deliver bespoke developmental orientations in organizations large and small. 

• Are your employees and structures producing the maximum benefits they can? 

• Are you satisfied with your position in the market? 

• Are there any ways we can help your organization to work more effectively and efficiently? Please review these few pages, take a closer look at our website, and then give us a call.

 We will like to work with you to seek and deliver solutions that will positively impact your financial bottom-line.”

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